Welcome To The Future Of Digital Currency
  • FibreConnect FibreConnect brings an encrypted and secure messaging system to Fibre. Send messages instantly, all you need is someones Fibre address.
  • Secure The network is decentralized and has no governing authority. Fibre uses POS to prevent 51% attacks
  • FibreBoard FibreBoard is a advisory board consisting of thirty community members. All major decisions will be voted on by the board.
  • Social Giveaway To ensure fair distribution and help build our community, we are rewarding users for socially interacting with us

What is Fibre?

Fibre is a new digital currency that aims to empower the people. It allows individuals to participate in the internet economy even when they live in countries where credit card companies and PayPal do not operate. Unlike other forms of payment, Fibre is not controlled by any single authority. No one can freeze your funds, impose a waiting period, or charge you arbitrary fees. Transactions are instant, cost almost no fees, and are irreversible. Fibre is secure, stable, and easy to use by design.


Fibre will be the first digital currency to have an Advisory Board consisting of community members. The FibreBoard will be made up of 30 community member that have  more than 20,000 Fibre. The FibreBoard will collectively make decisions on the future of Fibre and which features should be implemented. All major decisions affecting Fibre will be voted on by the FibreBoard.

Getting Started

So you want to get involved with Fibre